Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bodies to Hide

For those of you living in a hole, they caught a Congressman, Rep. Jefferson (D-LA, that's right, D, officially ending almost all of Democrats' sanctimonious anti-corruption campaign with a single swipe) taking a bribe on tape. They then raided his apartment, WITH A WARRANT, and find him stashing $90,000.00 in a freezer. Why would you put money in a freezer instead of, oh, I don't know, a bank? Or maybe under a mattress if you want to be old-fashioned. I know why: it's because you're trying to hide it, because you don't want people to have it. Well, Jefferson ludicrously refuses to resign in the face of this overwhelming evidence that he is a bribe-taking criminal. Cunningham must be wondering now if he should've just stayed in Congress after being convicted of a felony. What's more, Jefferson is calling this an abuse of separation of powers. If you need help, here is the correct reaction . . .


Apparently he thinks it was an abuse of executive power for the nasty FBI to go get a warrant (which does mean the judicial branch was involved) after videotaping him taking a briefcase full of cash. That as a member of Congress, he should not be able to have his office raided when there's over-whelming evidence he's committing a felony and a judge thinks it warrants a search. In yet another reason for me to continue my VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS 2006 movement, several of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle agree with this mindfucking assertion, including one member of the Republicrat Statist Party Congressional leadership and an old favorite looney:

Displaying bipartisanship for one of their own, House Republican leaders are expressing concern that the FBI's search of the Capitol office of Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson crossed the constitutional boundary between the White House and Congress. Tuesday, House Majority Leader John Boehner called the weekend raid "the Justice Department's invasion of the legislative branch" and predicted the issue would "end up across the street at the Supreme Court."

Apparently Congress has entered Fuck-the-Law (tm) territory. Not like it's new territory for them. They are, after all, the self-annointed nobles of a new American Aristocracy that puts the French nobles before the French Revolution to shame in terms of sheer corruption, amorality, and unaccountability. I think there's only one reason you see these Congressmen standing up against this, and I think it's worse than even Instapundit makes it out to be when he says it's some sort of quasi-principled stand in favor of "insiders' perks." There can only be one logical reason: they're afraid of the FBI or some other law enforcement entity catching them in something similar, or worse. This Congress is starting to get scared, and their silence or, worse, DEFENSE of Jefferson proves they know the knives are out for them as well. I propose we don't wait for the slow-moving scales of Justice. Let's go ahead and take these clowns out with the ballot box, then let the FBI and a dozen District Attorneys do their worst. It's fuel for at least a dozen Law and Order episodes.