Wednesday, May 24, 2006


After showing a friend of mine the Progressive Action Plan by the DLC, he wrote a post that was very critical of their proposals. What I realized was that those on the far left are great at criticizing foreign policy by Republicans and moderate Democrats, but I don’t ever hear from them what direction we need to go.

So, here is my challenge. I want someone to point me in the direction of what the far left – the Deaniacs, Kossacs and folks – think we need to do to win the GWOT. If there are proposals already out there, point me in that direction. And if there aren’t, then feel free to write your own.

Either way, I challenge the left to do more than tell the country why every foreign policy proposal out there is wrong, and tell me which one is right – but it better have more to it then a call for a quick exit from Iraq.