Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dividing Line

A staunch conservative reader on Sullivan's blog puts it eloquently:

Current history has taught me that in this modern America, divided government is the best government. I pray the Republicans lose the House of Representatives and/or the Senate this fall. This Republican Party is corrupt. It has been sold to the highest bidder, and since I cannot give $100,000 to the Republican, I have no voice within the party.
The Bush administration is incompetent at the basic level of execution of its responsibilities. Its excessive spending and the betrayal the nation's future generations through debt accumulation condemn it. It's prime claim to leadership is a war fought on the cheap with insufficient troops, faulty decision making at the most basic level, and Chicken Hawk wartime civilian leadership. Katrina.

Andrew, the war against fundamental Islam is simply too important to lose. This administration doesn't seem to understand that winning the war with those who wish to extinguish us is more important that tax breaks. It doesn't understand that control of our nation's borders is more important than winning the next election.

If you read the whole letter, the man makes it clear his Republican history, but feels disillusioned in a way I think everyone can relate to. This individual realizes that Democrats aren't really the solution to the problem either, so he's endorsed a favorite hobby horse of Senor C and myself: divided government. What happens under divided government? Real Congressional Oversight. Real battles over the federal budget. Real debates over government's priorities. Vetoes. Less pork and pet projects. Bipartisanship, or "date rape" for Grover Norquist fans. All of these are what the country needs right now. I still don't believe it's possible that the Democrats will take over Congress, though they may take the Senate. However, wanting Democrats to win some control and wanting divided government in a lot of cases isn't about wanting one party to pass their agenda. It's about precisely the opposite of that. We've been shown in the Bush years the worst parts of one-party rule the likes of which this country hasn't been subject to since LBJ. We need some restoration of separation of powers here, and we need a Congress that alternates from being asleep at the wheel and hog farming.