Friday, May 12, 2006


Every morning, when I wake up, I ask myself a number of questions. Questions like:

-Will today be the day I wear my all yellow suit to work? Or maybe just the yellow shirt . . . Does the fact that yellow is my favorite color make me insane?
-Should I bother shaving today? How about showering?
-Who will I get in a screaming match with or headbutt at work today?
-What/who should I have for lunch?

But a more pressing question has hit me. That question is Does Lunchbox Still Even Read This Blog? I think the answer is "No." But I have a surefire way to test that. There's a new report from the Joint Economic Committee that says, in fact that the tax system has become MORE PROGRESSIVE under Bush. Fancy that! There's even a nifty bar graph that show that the top 25% of people pay 83.88% of the taxes. Those in the bottom 50% only pay 3% of the taxes. That looks pretty progressive to me. I'm a bit surprised, but I can't say it's all that rattling. As the economy is expanding it makes sense that perhaps people at the top are making more money and are paying a substantial volume of taxes even at reduced rates. Wait a minute! I just made a supply-side economics argument! What is happening to me ?!?!?! No, seriously though, I think what we're also seeing is a lot of measures that are helping the bottom. A lot of poor people have benefited from an indexed and expanded EITC and pay no federal taxes, and as these numbers count those as negatives, it's sort of padding it by making things look better for the lower 50% since so much of them are exempt or pay zero. That'll bring down averages and percentages FAST. Even so, I think with that taken into account these numbers are still a bit surprising.