Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Still Hate Pelosi

I just posted about why Pelosi’s announcement of a Congressional investigation into President Bush’s actions (with the possibility of an impeachment) is politically bad for the party. What I only realized after seeing it up on the site is that there is more that really bothers me about it. The decision is not just bad politics, it is terrible policy as well.

What Democrats are showing with this nonsense is that we have no real vision. Take Cheney’s energy task force as an example. Five years ago, Vice President Cheney devised a policy that would effectively be a hand-out to the big energy companies. While we don’t know who was on it, we do know that the policy sucks. So where does that leave us now? Well, we could spend a whole lot of political capital trying to find out who was on the task force. Or we could all agree that we really don’t give a crap who was on it, and try to come up with a new energy policy that meets our needs and plans for the future. Anyone can plan investigations and make allegations – it takes a real party of change to develop new policy. I can’t wait for this real party of change to show itself.