Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Politics of Sports

The NFL has been looking for a new commissioner since Paul Tagliabue announced that he was retiring. First, rumors circulated that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice might be tapped for the position. Recently, there was a private meeting with Governor Jeb Bush. Who will they ask next, Dick Cheney?

Why is it that only Republicans are being considered for the job? There are plenty of qualified Democrats, but because the NFL wants to maintain its relationship with the GOP, they are passing up leaders that would do well to improve the NFL.

In case they are interested in ever getting their act together and performing a non-partisan search, I have a few names they could consider: Al Gore... actually, he might not be a great fit – environmental activism and football don’t exactly mix. But I am sure John Kerry would be... terrible. Okay, two bad examples. What about John Edwards? Wait, yeah, he does come off a little fragile. Oh! What about that Jack Kemp guy from the 1996 election. He even played football. Or maybe he was a Republican.

On second thought, maybe they should keep looking in the Republican Party.