Wednesday, May 10, 2006

President Kerry

Sullivan gets this exactly right:

Can you imagine how battered a president Kerry would have been by now? He'd be stuck with Bush's Iraq mess; he'd be constantly told he's Neville Chamberlain on Iran for doing exactly what Bush has been doing; he'd be ruthlessly attacked by the Hannity right over Teresa, immigration, gays, and any other cultural issue they could exploit. And the GOP would have escaped the responsibility for their fiscal insanity, while Kerry took lumps for raising taxes. As a matter of principle, I do not regret endorsing Kerry. My decision was based on the manifest incompetence and unconservatism of Bush. But in the sweep of history, it is fitting that Bush, for the first time in his entire life, actually face the consequences of his own recklessness.

I couldn't agree more. Seeing events unfold, Kerry would have provided the perfect scapegoat for so much happening right now. The Republicrat Statist Party would be completely 100% unified against him. Instead, we have the budding awareness within the GOP by its supporters that they should demand better from those they have elected, or that they should look for alternatives. None of that would've happened if there had been a President Kerry. I'm not saying the country is better off with Bush in office, I certainly doubt that. But I think all those who supported Kerry can take more than simple Schadenfraude from what is happening to Bush and the Republicrats. They can take it that Kerry's electoral failure wasn't all bad, and an electoral success wouldn't have been all good.