Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So Sorry

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair held a joint press conference recently in which they talked about progress in Iraq and admitted to mistakes they made during the war. While I find it reassuring that both leaders are actually looking to the past and analyzing their actions, I do wish it would have happened sooner. They should have known within the first few months after the fall of Saddam that they hadn't actually planned well enough for the situation after the invasion. Also, it should not have taken this long to admit that de-Baathification was a major mistake, and that antagonizing comments to the insurgents was the wrong message to send - not because it might have encouraged them, they need no encouragement, but because it gives the impression that we are unfazed by their violence.

Unfortunately, neither leader seemed to admit that they didn't go to war with enough troops. Maybe Bush will admit to that after he leaves office.