Monday, May 22, 2006

Total Bloviation

The entire international community was in an uproar about The Da Vinci Code. From fundamentalist and conservative Christians to Muslims, various religious groups painted it like a coming film Armageddon of Blasphemy not heard of since Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses on a church. They protested. They called for boycotts. They had sermons attempting to "debunk" the movie (as Princezz has been so kind to already rant about for me). Samoa even banned it.

What did that get them? 224 Million Dollars made in one weekend (domestic plus international). The studio has already recouped 100 million of its production budget. So what happened to those protesters? What happened to the Bible-thumping zealots? How did they turn such a big push into such a big embarassment. For a microcosmic display of how it probably went, I present you with this, which I guarantee from personal experience is probably dead-on.