Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Conversation That Made My Head Hurt

I might make this a regular feature. Who knows. The name was changed to protect the guilty. She was complaining I said something because she thought that's what I thought she wanted to hear not because it reflected my actual sentiments.

Sally: Say that you tell me, "Sally, you never ask me about my day". And then I start asking about your day. Do you really want to ask me about my day or are you doing it cause I asked you to ask?

me: that's a good question but you are assuming that it's either solely one or the other

Sally: no, just thinking it could be either way.

you know

me: by the way I always ask you about your day

Sally: I know you do

that was an example

me: ok

Sally: sometimes it's annoying though

me: asking you every day

Sally: cause maybe it's very typical of you to do so

me: how your day is is annoying

Sally: maybe you can say something different, and mix things up once in a while. Not so generic

me: oh geez

Sally: like "morning"

me: I give up