Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let That Eagle Soar

John Ashcroft, or John Ashkkkroft if you want to use one of the favored extremist monikers, was so thoroughly demonized during his tenor as Attorney General it's hard to begin to cite episodes. Recently, however, I've become almost nostalgic for the man after seing the bang up job Alberto Gonzalez has been doing in misusing the Justice Department and making it a bagman for Bush's plans. Jason Zegerle at The Plank has an episode here of an Ashcroft associate blasting Gonzalez. These battles always seem to have to be waged with associates and subordinates (witness Richard Armitage serving as Powell's mouthpiece after the two left office). But he also points to two previous incidents where Ashcroft may have done battle with Gonzalez over NSA wiretapping and Yoo over torture. While there are plenty of reasons left to still hate Ashcroft, he's starting to look like an upright guy and a huggable teddy bear next to Gonzalez. And that's a sad state of affairs when you make Ashcroft look like a good Attorney General. Is there a rock bottom we can break through this one to get to? I'm fully expecting the appointment of Overkill as Attorney General before all this is over. We're going to probably look at Rumsfeld nostalgically after demands for his resignation are finally heeded and we get Darkseid.