Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mad Rhetoric

We certainly debate Iraq a lot here. And while more often lately I'm tending to support the hawkish, Administration position on the situation, I have never approved of the rhetoric and reasons the Administration has used. I've always bought more into the hawkish-liberal argument that this is about liberation and democracy, and thus only tangential to GWOT/GSAVE. Of course, it would be a political disaster for the Bush Administration to argue this kind of position, but arguable the positions they are arguing now are even more politically disastrous. In the President's latest round of speeches, the gist has been that if you want to withdraw from Iraq, then not only do you question his Iraq policy, YOU QUESTION THE WHOLE WAR ON TERROR. This is supremely misguided, and more than just a little bit politically sinister. Joe Gandelman believes it might be a new McCarthyism, and I would tend to agree even though the All the President's Men are trying their hardest to backpedal about this.

The last thing the President should do if he wants to sell Iraq is to start being even more divisive. It's a longtime habit of his that is not only disgusting, but is starting to finally fail him politically in his dropping approval ratings.